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Smoothie Party

Our full Tutti on Wheels Smoothies Menu!

  • Classic Smoothies

  • Goodie Smoothies

$6 Per Serving

Loaded Tutti Party

Our Full tutti on Wheels Smoothies and Frut Cuisine Menu, along with 1 choice of crepe and 2 Choices of Latin Cravings

  • Classic Smoothies

  • Goodie Smoothies

  • Mangonada

  • Fresas con Crema

  • Tutticup

  • 1 choice - La Clasica, Creponada, El Canelo Crepe

  • 2 choices - Elote Loco, Esquite, Takisquites, or Tostilocos

$8 Per Serving

Fruit Cuisine


Smoothie Party

Our Full Tutti on Wheels Smoothies and Fruit Cuisine Menu

  • Classic Smoothies

  • Goodie Smoothies

  • Eve's Mangonada

  • Fresas Con Crema

  • Tutticup

$7 Per Serving

Tutti On Wheels Experience

Our Full Tutti on Wheels Experience

Everything on our menu!

$10 Per Serving

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